The Magic of Mary Poppins Returns

The Magic of Mary Poppins Returns

“Anything can happen if you let it” is my fav quote from Mary Poppins.

I have always loved how she was “practically perfect in every way” and took the kids on a magical journey full of adventures. I was always smitten by Mary Poppins after seeing the movie because who wouldn’t want their room cleaned at a snap of the finger. 

I am so excited about Disney’s new Mary Poppins Returns and I can’t wait to watch it this week, it’s gonna be a perfect start to the weekend with my girls.

I loved the teaser of the movie with Emily Blunt especially because of her fabulously evolved modern day fashion. All the outfits look perfect with a touch of classic.  I have always found Mary Poppins irrepressibly charming and as you all know I am a fan of a colourful palette in my outfits too and the movie promises to be full of energy to give you that happy vibe.  

So in the words of Mary Poppins- “why complicate things that are really quite simple?” – Experience the Magic of Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns in cinemas now. Get your tickets here:

–From my Perspective

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