You know you are holiday blue’ng once you want to write about your most recent trip.

We recently took a trip to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Colmar & Munich. It was my first time in Barcelona but Amsterdam is a city I am quite well versed with having been there before but Amsterdam is one city you just can’t get bored of visiting.

I am sure there are a lot of google searches you can do to find what to do at these beautiful destinations so I am not going to bore you with all that. I wanted to share something else with you today- packing for your holiday.

Packing for a trip is always a task for me, a task that I like to do. I start packing a few days in advance, reason- I am not sure when I will be visiting this place again, so I want to get some good photos and make memories in a style.

I sometimes want to be that one person who can travel through Europe with a capsule wardrobe and never have to pay for excess baggage. I know you are laughing because it’s just not me. I even use my hubby’s baggage allowance, he always keeps some extra space in his luggage for me (he is lovely!)

Some packing tips-

Check the weather at every destination (closer to your flying date)- I always check the weather to know what kind of clothes I would like to pack. trust me , this helps. You don’t wan to be overpacking/ under packing and then getting there just to be surprised by the weather.

Search Instagram for “places” you are planning to visit for some Inspo. It’s good to think in advance what you will like to wear and what day would be perfect to visit. Always check out the opening hours of the places and if there are advance tickets available. Get to the places early so that it’s not too crowded.

Make a list- I usually use the notes in my phone to think about possible outfits that I can create. In addition to that, in my spare room I start putting the outfits in the suitcase, not exactly packing but just keeping them there. I also keep shoes, handbag/ clutches, jewellery etc. with it too. Make sure you have decided the head to toe options.

Always pack jeans and some basic tshirts -I have done this mistake where I went away on a long weekend trip without packing a pair of jeans and walking around in a dress made me a little cold on one of the days. Lesson learnt!!!! Also, basic tees are always helpful in case you need to layer your outfit.

Shoes- Try and pack the shoes you can re-use with different outfits. Some suggest to keep a pair of black shoes for sure but this trip I didn’t take even a pair and I was fine. I packed two pairs of mules (I used only one, lol) and boots. I always know that I will be buying shoes (I am a shoe addict), so I can always wear those.

Pack nicely– Don’t just throw the things into the suitcase, pack properly to avoid crushing your outfits.

Airport outfit- Yes, it’s important. Getting to the airport for starting your holidays is so exciting and a good outfit can make you happier. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable so I usually wear a pair of good trackies, tshirt and a good pair of sneakers. These are the sneakers that I usually repeat on the trip too.

Places to shop- I usually always have one big thing that I buy on my overseas trip. I try and get that first so that I know how much more money I should/ shouldn’t spend on shopping for the rest of the trip.

Packing makeup and toiletries- Sometimes we can’t pack these away until the last minute (we have to look good for the flight too)- Make sure you create a list of things you will need to pack just so you don’t miss anything.

Hand luggage essentials- Spare pants, a hoodie, tshirt, socks, thongs, hand towel and a fresh set of undies. In a clear plastic zip lock bag- Toothpaste, toothbrush,  moisturiser, handcream, perfume (all less then 100ml and easier during security check). In your handbag- phone charger/ powerbank, mints, earphones, packet of wet tissues and normal tissues. Oh and make sure you don’t forget your passport!!!

Hope you liked this post, would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Packing for your next holiday!!

P.S.- I didn’t pack all these outfits, I bought a few things on my trip and used them as well.

This white dress is from – Seed Heritage

Also available in Black- Seed Heritage

Dress- Forever new (similar here)

I already had these culottes with me as I knew having a pair of black bottoms always work. So instead of black jeans, I packed culottes for Barcelona.

Culottes- Bardot (similar here)

Demin Jacket- Pull & Bear

Shoes- Mango

Bag- Gucci

Knit- Zara

Skirt- Portmans

Shoes- Michael Kors (same sneakers I wore on the flight to avoid carrying an extra pair)

Bag- Zara

Tshirt- Zara

Jacket- Zara

Jeans- Zara

Shoes- Mango

Tshirt- Pull & Bear

Skirt- Seed Heritage

Coat- Zara

Shoes- H&M

Bag- Gucci

Knit- Mango

Skirt- Zara

Clutch- Ana De Villiers

Mules- Glassons

Dirndl for Oktoberfest- Borrowed from my sister

Tshirt- Mango

Jeans- Seed Heritage

Trench coat- Zara

Sneakers- Adidas (a slightly higher pink)

Bag- Mango

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