Bargain Hunting!!

Bargain Hunting!!

If you know me, you know that I love shopping and because I shop a lot, I am all about Bargain hunting, unless there is that something special on full price that I would be happy to swipe my plastic for.

My recent obsession has been buying summer dresses and skirts though I should be shopping for Winter stuff being in Melbourne. This is exactly what I used to think a few years ago but then I realised all the brands want to sell off their summer stock during Winter to make place for their upcoming collection. So why not buy some wonderful summer pieces that would add some lustre to your upcoming summer wardrobe.

I don’t shop online a lot, I am a retail shopper. Two reasons- Waiting kills my buzz and I might dislike the way certain clothing item looks on me after trying it on.

Some tips from my personal shopping experience-

Shop off season – You will find the best deals off season. You will find great quality stuff for a fraction of the price.

Sign up for newsletters (create a separate email account)- Sign up for newsletters of the brands you regularly shop at. A lot of brands have special discounts/ early sales for their members. Some even give you birthday credits to shop. It’s best to create a separate email account for these newsletter if you are a serial shopper.

Follow their Social Media- Quickest way of finding about the brands sales is through their Social media. They will always post about their upcoming sale a few days before so if you have been eyeing something full price, just wait a couple of days and save yourself a little (or in my case, use it as an excuse to buy an additional item).

Follow Social media of some bargain hunters- Bargain hunters on social media always connect you to the brands they love and they will keep you up to date about different sales.

Buy/ Sell/ Swap groups on Facebook- There are usually people like you and me, who buy something but never wear it and want to sell / swap it. It might just be what you are looking for but you can get it super cheap/ swap it for something that the seller wants.

Warehouse sales- Warehouse sales are just mind blowing. I have scored some amazing pieces at reduced prices during warehouse sales. If you find a piece you love but it’s not your size, paying for alteration wouldn’t matter much if you haven’t paid a lot for that piece.

Always check out the Sample section- The sample sizes are usually between 8-10 AU and shoes are size 39/40. Don’t hesitate to check out the sample section, you might just find something that never got the apporval to make it to the shelves and you just scored yourself something unique.

Seconds- I wasn’t the biggest fan of seconds until I saw that some of the items are marked as seconds due to makeup marks or a missing button. I love how the brands slash the prices for such pieces. Some are floor stock and has never even been tried on (unless you count the mannequin it was on).

Create a budget & set a timeframe- Create a weekly budget and don’t blow up your credit card. Try to stick to your budget. Trust me, it can be hard, speaking from personal experience. Set a time frame around shopping and then get out of the shopping centre.

Look at the back of the store- Mostly clearance items are displayed at the back of the store especially with clothing unless the stores are trying to sell something on a special offer. The front of the store will always have the newest collection.

Buy quality items- Buying one quality item that stands out, will give you much more use then buying multiple items for that price.

Don’t just buy something because it’s cute- Always think of three looks you can create when you buy something. Every time I buy something, I take a few minutes and analyse (I really do) unless I am buying something for a special occasion.

Let me warn you, bargain hunting is addictive, it’s the thrill of feeling thrifty that makes you more obsessed with it. I have sometimes missed some items that I badly wanted just because I thought they might go on sale but on the other hand mostly I have bought amazing items on sale and was glad that I waited.

See below some items that I recently bought and the link to buy it.

Happy shopping!!

Dress- Sportsgirl under $50

Skirt- Bardot Under $50

Dress- Seed Heritage available at retail outlets only under $70 (Similar here)

Dress- Sportsgirl under $70 (similar here)

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