My picks from Zara Sale

My picks from Zara Sale

Zara’s sale is always a massive event in the world of street style fashion. Zara puts it’s stock on sale twice a year- around June and December.

We didn’t have Zara in Melbourne until a few years ago so everyone in Australia is still always excited about this. Until last year, I would buy a lot of stuff from Zara Sales as they sell the perfect everyday pieces at good prices in their sale.

This year however, I didn’t want to pick any everyday pieces but some special pieces that I had been eyeing since a few weeks before the sale- an embroidered leather jacket and a oversized trench coat (one of their collection pieces).

I am changing my mindset and moving toward a capsule wardrobe where I have quality pieces that can be used more often and look amazing every time they are worn.

The leather jacket is special due to the studs and beautiful embroidery and soft leather. I wore it with a floral dress from Mango and added a sheer skirt on top to give it a little wintery look.

I picked the oversized trench as it’s perfect for Melbourne’s spring and fall and layers can be added to it for our winter as well. Once I have a good trench, I live in it and this trench is super stylish due to it’s black ties . It’s a street style lover’s dream come true.

Zara sales tips-

  1. Skip the essentials- Zara doesn’t discount their essentials a great deal in the beginning of the sale and you won’t be saving a lot. If you want to buy some nice essentials, wait for a few weeks before buying, they are always marked down heavily in their 4th Week.
  2. Leather accessories- some of Zara’s collection leather products are perfect to buy during the sales. You won’t save a lot but something is always better then nothing.
  3. Zara online- Australia doesn’t have Zara online store but it’s ok to look online before going into the store. It gives you an idea and you can always ask the staff by showing them the screenshot to avoid looking through the crowded store. Take down the reference number from the website for helping them find it quicker.
  4. First day of sale- if you want a collection piece, go to Zara on their first day of sale, like I did to get myself the right size jacket and the Trench. Due to Zara’s fast selling cycle, it’s hard to find a piece once it’s sold out.
  5. Shop in the morning- The racks are neat and tidy and you can look through the sale stock quicker and find the pieces you want.
  6. Shopping attire- Wear something comfy and that’s easy to remove to try the items you want.
  7. Quality over quantity- Get a few things that you know you will get most use out of instead of getting sucked in due to the sale price. Don’t buy anything half-heartedly.
  8. Be patient- Zara’s sale attracts a lot of customers and the store is busier then usual. If you can’t find your size on the racks, ask the staff. They can easily check it on their phones.
  9. Keep your receipts- Zara gives you the piece of mind to return/ exchange your purchases (even sales items) within 30 days. So, if you are unable to try your fav sale items (due to busy fitting rooms), you can easily return/ exchange it after trying it at home. Don’t remove the tags.
  10. Remember to look in the men’s section- I always find some real cool stuff in Zara men’s sale. Make sure you check those out too.

Happy shopping!!

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