Santorini Love

Santorini Love

I always dreamt of going to Santorini since the day I saw those Blue Domes on a brochure. It’s one of the most dreamy places and dazzles you from the first look.

We had the opportunity to celebrate out 5th wedding anniversary there and I don’t think anything else would have made it this special. You fall in love with it the first time you see those beautiful white buildings spilling down the cliffside.

We got to Oia (pronounced Eee-aa) just before sunrise and it was the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen.

Oia’s sunrise and sunset are famous for a reason- nothing else compares. Around sunset, you will see so many tourists ready with their cameras to get that perfect shot. I will shamelessly accept that I saw the sunset every single night that I was there and I don’t regret it.

As this was our special trip, we planned to splurge a little and stay in one of the best properties in Oia- Aspaki Art Maisons in a cave pool suite. One of our best decisions- such an amazing view and what great service. Our luxurious suite offered panoramic views of Caldera, Aegean Sea and and the beautiful blue domes on the cliffs. This was the perfect hotel for us as we were looking for something luxurious and intimate for our special occasion. Our hotel provided us with the best breakfast every morning, even accommodating to any special requests.

We spent a day in Fira (the capital) as well just walking through little shops and eating at different food joints and bars. Fira is a great place to stay if you are visiting with your family and friends.  to get to Fira, you can easily rent a two/ four wheeler scooter or take a bus/ taxi. Your hotel staff can help you with the arranging this.

We spent one full day on a yacht that took us to the red sand beach, the black sand beach and the white sand beach. Lunch was included (they take care of you if you have any special dietary requirements). On the way to different beaches, they stop at the hot springs as well. Make sure you wear a bikini under your outfit to be ready to jump into the water. Word of caution- Don’t wear white if you plan to swim to the hot springs. Your bikini will no more be white once you return due to Sulphur in the water. Our day ended with our yacht standing in the middle of Aegean Sea and watching another beautiful sunset.

Being a vegetarian, I was a little worried about the food situation in Santorini but I never faced any issues. Most of the starters that are serve in the restaurants are vegetarian and quite filling. Your hotel staff can always suggest restaurants that are popular with the local crowd and those are the restaurants you want to eat at.

Some tips on what to expect- 

  1. Beautiful views from every corner. You have to sometimes pinch yourself to believe that you are actually there.
  2. Friendly English speaking people. As this city is full of tourists, the locals speak very good English and are very friendly and always happy to help.
  3. Hot days- so make sure you are hydrated and always have water and sunscreen in your bag.
  4. Breathtaking sunrise & sunset- Get up early to catch the sunrise and sit in your balcony and watch that sun go down. It’s magical!!!
  5. Do nothing- This happens after you have walked around for the first few days. You just want to stay in your hotel and read a magazine or just laze around on the balcony.
  6. Santorini is an experience in itself. You have to see it, to believe it

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