The Big Apple

The Big Apple


Going to NYC had been my forever dream and it finally turned into reality and I couldn’t be happier.I can’t remember being this excited about any oversea trip before. A small bite of this city and you are forever hooked.

Before travelling, the only thing that stresses me out is- packing. I pack, un-pack & re-pack everyday for a week before flying. So obviously packing continued until last minute and travelling light is something I am still working on.

I always wanted to stay at a hotel with the view of the stunning skyline and Arlo Nomad was the perfect choice. Arlo Nomad is quite centrally located and they offer free bikes to ride around the city. Just make sure you book it before other guests take it.

Two weeks was perfect time for us because we visited all the tourist attractions within first 5 days and then we still had time to re-visit the places that we loved like Central Park, Soho, Times Square. During the first five days we went to Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Centre, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, New York Public Library, Flatiron Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge.

If you love food and shopping, Soho is where you should spend most of your time. You will find all the high end brands plus so many food options. If you are a vegetarian like me, I would strongly recommend going to ByChloe. We came across ByChloe which is a vegan cafe while walking towards Soho. This is the beauty of this city, you walk a lot but you discover a lot while walking through it like little boutique, antique stores, random bars. Tis city is just too walkable, a lot of people said this to me before my trip but I only realised it when I was there.

Another great place to shop is Woodbury Outlets. It’s located at an hours drive from Manhattan and a lot of buses operate and take you there directly (make sure you book in advance). It was full day trip for us because it’s  a paradise for shoppers with high end brands like Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, Balenciaga etc. A lot of people bring a luggage strolley which is advisable (lesson learnt!!).

One of our favourite tourist attraction was the Brooklyn Bridge, you can ride a bike or walk across it but make sure you keep a full day free for it of you are staying in Manhattan. You can also go to Brooklyn Street to get the perfect shot with Manhattan Bridge or you can just sit in the park nearby for picnic.

I had always thought of running around in heels and wearing beautiful jewels and pretty dresses like SJP but when in NYC you walk, a lot!! So always wear comfy shoes, stylish but comfy!!

If you are a Sex and the City fan like me you might want to visit some of the places that were a part of this Epic show. I went to the New York Public library for Big & Carrie, Tiffany & Co for Charlotte, Magnolia Bakery for Carrie & Miranda and 66 Perry Street to stand on the famous footsteps of Carrie’s house.

Some things I love about this city-

It’s a city that’s forever alive and there’s always something to do/ somewhere to go all the time.

Street vendor stuff – ended up buying I heart NY t-shirt (I Heart NY mug, pen, pen holder and million other things). Funny thing is so many people wear this t-shirt/ jumper, it’s like everyone is professing their love for this city.

No one does Bagels like NY, a must have (every morning if you can).

Everyone fits right in. You can wear whatever you want/ do whatever you want and you will still have the feeling of belongingness. If you can’t be yourself in NY, you can’t be yourself anywhere.

You will feel that instant connection with this city (its stirs up something in you). You are New Yorker for the time you are there.

The massive slices of Pizza.

Easy to navigate city, you will walk a lot so wear comfy footwear. Every neighbourhood in NY is different. It’s best to take it all in by foot.

You just automatically leave a part of yourself behind, you make a silent unbreakable vow (Harry Potter Reference) to visit again.

There is just so much art around- and so much of it is free. I searched for Angel Wings by Collette Miller and found it in the most non obvious place on Broadway. I walked so much to find it without realising I had walked past it three times.

Jaywalking is something that everyone does and no one will judge you for doing it.

When, every once in a while, you get a surreal glimpse of the skyline and it reminds you there’s no other city like this.

If given an opportunity, I would love to live in this city , it’s the only city that has spoilt me.

-From my perspective

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